70cm RF Transmitter Beacon

70cm RF Transmitter Beacon

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Operates on the 70cm amateur radio band. The 16mw BeeLine RF Transmitter has a maximum RF output power of +12dBm. No battery  or USB interface included.

  • A 100mw version (+20dBm) is available (add $26).   
  • Powered by an optional single cell lithium poly battery.
  • Whip antenna is standard, optional SMA antenna  available (Add $12: includes male SMA antenna and female SMA connector on board)
  • Package deal includes a single cell 210 mah LiPo battery, and USB interface/battery charger. (add  $26)

To purchase battery without USB, see the miscellaneous hardware section


The 16mw and 100mw version now use different programming utilities:

  • The 16mw version is located here
  • The 100mw version is located here

Amateur radio licensed required.