High Altitude 70cm 100mw GPS/APRS Transmitter

High Altitude 70cm 100mw GPS/APRS Transmitter

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Same functionality as the standard 70cm GPS/APRS transmitter, but with a new GPS module that works above 50km.  Size approximately 25 x 60mm without transmit antenna.


COCOM locks out operation when the device exceeds 18km *and* speed is > 515 ms, then resumes normal operation once the speed or the altitude fall below those levels.

  • Maximum liftoff Gs supported: 11G
  • Maximum shock Gs supported: 1.5m/sec^3
  • Maximum velocity: 10Km/sec
  • Maximum altitude: no limitation

Powered by an optional single cell lithium poly battery. Non-volatile memory stores 2+ hours of data GPS at 1 hz that can be downloaded via USB interface and viewed in Google Earth.

Not that the programming utility is different from the standard APRS transmitters.  It is available in the Prograrmming Utilities page

  • Package deal includes transmitter, 850mah battery and USB interface/battery charger (+$26)

To purchase battery without USB, see the miscellaneous hardware section