Rolex Lowjack

BigRedBee worked with our long time partner Gotek7 to create a very small, very thin 433 Mhz FM RF beacon.  The goal was to build  a transmitter small enough to fit inside a Rolex watch in place of its movement.    We chose a flexible film PCB instead of traditional FR4,  and a chip antenna to minimize size.  We also included a low voltage battery management circuit with hysteresis that shuts down when the battery falls below a specified  level, and resumes operation when the battery is fully charged.

Device diameter is 30mm and maximum thickness is 2mm.  RF output power can be set to either 0 or +10 dBm.  Transmit parameters are user selectable using a custom programming jig with pogo pins that mate to test pads on the back of the board.  We chose +0 to further conserve on power. Range was greater than  800m using the very sensitive Compact Pro UHF receiver.


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