NEW BRB GPS available for operation above 50Km

In my previous blog post, I wrote about the challenges of reporting altitude in flights that exceed 50km (164,000 feet). The most commonly used GPS modules (u-blox) stop reporting any information at all  when the altitude exceeds 50km.  While unlocked GPS modules are available, the cost can easily exceed 1000's of $$$s for a complete system

For a fraction of the cost of other 'space rated' devices, BigRedBee has designed a GPS tracker that does NOT have the above limitation. While the COCOM  limits of 18km and 1000 knots are still in place, the device will resume normal operation once those limits are no longer exceeded.  This has been confirmed by us with data from a GPS simulator.


The features of the BRBGPS50K are almost identical  to the standard BRB GPS.

  • 70cm, 100mw, 1200baud, frequency agile APRS modem
  • Integrated active GPS patch antenna
  • 1 Mbit eeprom stores more than 2 hours of data at 1 hz in a .kml file format
  • Powered by a single cell LiPo battery
  • USB interface for updating device parameters
  • Just 25mm wide x 60mm long
  • Price: $359 
  • Click here for more information

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